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“I was so shocked and pleasantly surprised after a recent Doctor’s appointment concerning my blood test results!
My LDL (bad cholesterol) went from 130 to 98, My HDL (good cholesterol) increased by 8 and my overall cholesterol decreased by 21 points! The only thing that I did differently this past 3 months was signed up with Stasi at Sonshine Fitness for personal training. I can’t believe these excellent health benefit results!”


Teresa writes……

“Ran 5 miles this morning! Hard to believe I struggled to run 5 minutes just 3 months ago!

Love my trainer!”




  • Boyce Middle School
  • 1500 Boyce Road
  • Upper St. Clair, PA 15241

Show Time:

  • 11:00 am. Event will run straight through with a 30 minute intermission after group comparisons and before individual presentations/awards. The Prejudging portion of the event will consist of group comparisons in every division. The Finals portion of the event will consist of Bodybuilding & Physique routines and Figure & Bikini Stage Walks. The awards ceremony & overall division competitions will follow.
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is certified through the National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT) and has managed health clubs and fitness centers all over the tri-state area since 1980. Stasi has over 30 years of experience in personalizing fitness training programs for every type of client, from beginners to professional athletes.
Stasi graduated Cum Laude from Slippery Rock State College. She completed the Nautilus Sports Medical Industries Training and Management program in Florida.


The Athlete In You

Talking About Sonshine Fitness & Stasi Longo


My first appointment with Stasi Longo was ? 2008. My fellow figure friends told me I should be a figure competitor (I actually wanted to be a fitness girl, but at 36 with a limited gymnastics background I didn’t pursue it).
The first appointment I remember being intimated by Stasi’s trophies, her competition picture, and the many pictures of her champions throughout the studio. (I can’t remember where/why but I did feel that way at one time). Stasi had trained so many and everyone looked so great! What had I gotten myself into? I couldn’t do this! Oh boy.
Stasi asked what my goals were – I told her I wanted to compete. She shook her head and said, “In what?” “All my friends said I should do figure”, I replied. To which she replied, “Ok, put on these heals.”
We both chucked after that and Stasi said, “Take off those heals – you’re a bodybuilder.”
Those words have been in my head ever since.
Stasi’s strong faith, confidence, and many, many, MANY words of encouragement got me through my first 16 weeks of training………READ FULL TESTIMONIAL


My name is Melanie Denny. In April 2013 I competed in my first figure competition at the NANABF Natural Pittsburgh, and I placed 4th and 5th at that competition. I knew that I wanted to get back on stage and hopefully place better than my first show; however, I needed the right person to direct me. That’s when I contacted Stasi Longo. Stasi was instrumental to me during my contest preparation. I met with Stasi every few weeks at which time she assessed and evaluated my posing technique. During our meetings, she also monitored my weight, fat loss, and muscle gains. Stasi developed different training routines for me to work on that included specific attention on developing my symmetry.

Rather than isolation exercises, I started doing a lot of power lifting and compound movements. These compound exercises took my physique to a completely different level. Not only did Stasi build my physique, she also helped me build confidence in myself……READ FULL TESTIMONIAL